Telecommunications Regulator of Cambodia (TRC)

No. 1112 TRC 

Guideline on Measure to Eliminate Mobile Phone Sim Cards without Identification Document,   

Contradicted to Inter-Ministerial Circular No. 001, dated February 28, 2012 

In the high spirited attempt by competent authorities to protect the national security, safety and public order, The Ministry of Interior (“MoI”) and Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (“MPTC”) have issued the Inter-Ministerial Circular No. 001, dated February 28, 2012 on Telecommunication Services and Business Management which instructed all operators, branches and resellers to implement a protocol which requires all users of telecommunication services to complete a  telecommunication services form. 

Pursuant to the content of the above mentioned Inter-Ministerial Circular, the General Commissionaire of National Police (GCNP) of MoI, Inspector of MPTC and TRC have additionally made coordination and instruction and allowed many delays in implementing the new law.   Thus far, there has not been an effective result noted by the operators for this matter. 

Previously, according to the mobile operators report during the meeting on September 20, 2016 on the progress of implementation of the Inter-Ministerial Circular No. 001, dated February 28, 2012 and instruction of all competent authorities in the past, the TRC noted that there are only 7-8 percent of SIM cards lacking a proper profile. 

Based on the last meeting on September 20, 2016, TRC decided that “By November 01, 2016 all Sim cards of all operators shall have legal identification documents” in order to archive this result, TRC shall instruct all operators, distributors and mobile users to carry out new policies as stated below: 

  1. For All Mobile Operators and Distributors 

a.1)        Unused Sim cards but Pre-Activated and Distributed to Distributors 

-              Operators shall notify all sales agents of the new policy by any and all means.  Distributors shall eliminate Pre-Activated Sim cards and terms and conditions.  “if there is no legal               identification document there shall be no Sim card activated”;

-              Operators shall deactivate all Pre-Activated Sim cards and convert them to normal Sim cards by November 01, 2016; 

a.2)        Using Sim card with No Legal Identification Document 

-              From October 01, 2016, Operators shall prepare and distribute announcements 7 times per week to all users without identification documents by instructing them to contact and provide relevant documents to operators’ office or qualifying resellers;

-              After having notified 7 times, operators shall block outgoing calls, “one-way-suspension”, and send SMS to all no profile numbers;

-              After having blocked outgoing calls, within 7 days, if a number owner still fails to register identification documents with operators, the operator shall block services completely (Full Suspension);

-              According to ITU standard, within 3 months after having blocked (Suspension) a number, the owner can request to activate the number after providing a legal identification document. After 3 months if the owner does not provide an identification document and request to activate the number, the operator can eliminate the number from its system (HLR); 

a.3)        For Selling and Distributing Sim cards 

-              Operators and sale agents shall stop selling Sim cards without getting the users’ legal identification document. All agents selling new Sim cards shall request legal identification documents in accordance with the Inter-Ministerial Circular No. 001, dated February 28, 2012 before activating Sim card; 

-              In order to speed up the activation process, operators shall update the Applications Program to register identification documents or cooperate with distributors by any means to enable to send identification documents to operators quickly prior to activating Sim cards; 

  1. For Customers or Users 

b.1)        All current users not having a profile shall cooperate or contact operators to provide identification document by November 01, 2016. In case the user fails to provide identification within the due date, TRC shall not be responsible for any loss of rights or cut of services in any way; 

b.2)        New subscribers or users shall provide legal identification documentation in accordance with the Inter-Ministerial Circular No. 001, dated February 28, 2012 as below:   

                -              Valid Khmer Identification Card for all Cambodian;

                -              All kinds of officials shall use their IDs which were issued by their ministries and                                                 institutions;

                -              For monks, they have to use their monk IDs;

                                -              Separately, for the minors, their parents shall purchase the number for them;

                                -              A foreigner who wishes to subscribe phone number shall have passport with

valid visa;

-              An officially acknowledged letter of Embassies, Organizations, Associations, Units. Companies may also use a joint number and clearly define their responsibilities for Embassies, Organizations, Associations, Units, and Companies.    

After the due date, November 01, 2016, Inter-Ministerial Committee shall inspect and verify mobile central of operators on identification Sim cards information.  In the meantime, competent authorities will investigate the practices of the operators by going into the shop/distributor offices to buy Sim cards throughout the entire country to monitor and ensure the proper implementation of this new law. 

Having received the above instruction, all mobile operators, distributors, resellers and users must take precaution to implement this new law with high proficiency. 

Phnom Penh, September 29, 2016 

Moa Chakriya





-All Operators


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