New Interest Rate Set by National Bank of Cambodia to All Microfinance Institutions

It comes to a big surprise for financial analysts and all microfinance institution (MIFs) themselves after National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) issued a Prakas to order all MFIs under its supervision impose no more than 18% interest rate to all kinds of loan from 1st April this year.

The Prakas is known as Prakas No. B7.017.109.P.K on Annual Interest Rate Ceiling Limitation issued on 13th March 2017. This Prakas aims to help reducing poverty by curbing any higher interest rates for Borrowers.

In Article 5 of the Prakas has specified that all New Loans including Restructured Loans and Refinancing which is signed from this 1st April 2017 shall apply the new rule of Annual Interest Rate Ceiling Limitation. The Prakas is expected to be complied otherwise shall be subjected to the penalties as stipulated in Article 52 of Law on Banking and Financial Institutions.

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