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Prakas on Management of Payment Transactions Services Institution

The National Bank of Cambodia (“NBC”) has issued a Prakas on Management of Payment Transactions Services Institution dated 14th June 2017. The Prakas is made to determine the procedure for licensing Payment Transactions Services providers, to encourage fair competition and innovation and to gain public trust.

The Prakas governs both Payment Transactions Services providers and Banks. However, services such as information technology support, data storage and processor, payment transactions using bank’s location and so on are excluded from the Prakas’s purview.

Unlike Third Party Processor, which is a service provider or processor to facilitate bank’s payment transactions services and operations, Payment Transactions Services provider is independent. The Prakas has stipulated the scope of business of Payment Transactions Services provider in Article 6 and 7 that it can engage in businesses such as deposit and withdrawal in payment account service, money transfer service, payment transaction service, providing short term credit, issuing electronic currency, money changer and so on. However, money that Payment Transaction Services providers have received from payment transaction and issuing e-currency is not deemed to be deposit.

To operate as Payment Transactions Services provider, legal entities must obtain license from the NBC. Legal entities need to fulfill numbers of conditions to obtain license from NBC. For example, legal entities need to describe the type of payment transaction service that it will operate, business plan, evidences of capital sufficiency and so on. On top of that, the Prakas requires the legal entities to have minimum capital of 8,000 million Riel (around USD2 million) in cash and 5% of the minimum capital must be deposited with NBC. Nevertheless, the license to operate as Payment Transactions Services provider is valid in six years but it is renewable.

With regard to fee, legal entities need to pay 500,000 Riel (around USD125) for application form plus inquiry and 2,000,000 Riel (around USD500) for having the documents reviewed. Also, legal entities are required to pay annual fee of 20,000,000 Riel (around USD5000).

The Prakas also states about merger and acquisition in Article 24 that Payment Transactions Services providers must gain approval from NBC if it intends to merge with other institutions, transfer or be acquired in part or whole of its business or cease its business operation. Besides, NBC has right to delicense or suspend any Payment Transactions Services providers’ operation that fail to operate within six months, engage in fraud or forgery, be non-compliance with NBC’s supervision and so on.

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Ministry of Economic and Finance (MEF) has issued the Prakas No. 559 dated May 25, 2017 on the instruction of the implementation for VAT on non-taxable supplies in accordance with the Article 57 of the Law on Taxation amended by the Law on Financial Management 2017. This Prakas aims to clarify the goods and services those are non-taxable supplies in order to ensure the consistency of VAT implementation.
The Prakas applies to the self-assessment taxpayers in making non-taxable supplies below:

1. Public postal service
2. Hospitals, clinics, medical and dental services, and the sale of medical and dental goods incidental to the performance of such services
3. The services of transportation of passengers by a wholly state owned public transportation system
4. Insurance services
5. Primary financial services
6. The importation of materials for personal use those are exempt from customs duties in accordance with the customs provisions
7. Non-profit activities for serving the public interest
8. Educational service
9. Electric power and clean water
10. Unprocessed agricultural products
11. Solid and liquid waste removal or collection services

The Prakas specifically defined the term of “primary financial services” and includes certain kind of transactions and services which fall under the term as follow:
- The deposition operations and granting loans except fees relating to such granting loans.
- The initial securities public offering in the market, securities trade or other financial instruments, and the clearing and settlement services in the securities market.
- Money Exchange Service
- Security Service
- Trading of Unshaped Gold
NOTE: There was a significant event that the public misunderstand and misinterpreted that this Prakas was issued to impose VAT on above 11 goods and services supplies. Regardless, the Prakas was issued to clarify that the aforementioned goods and services supplies are exempted from VAT and they are called “non-taxable goods and services supplies”.

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On May 22, 2017, National Bank of Cambodia (“NBC”) issued an Instruction No. T7.017.420 SJN in purpose to make a caution to all Bank, Financial Institution, and Credit Operator for stop accepting the Identity Card or Family Book or Resident Book as collateral. Last year, on March 11, NBC already issued an Instruction No. T7.016.210 SJN for informing those institutions after NBC observed and found that the Identity Card or Family Book or Resident Book was accepted and taken as collateral to secure the loan in some Bank, Financial Institution, and Credit Operator.

Since now, NBC has acknowledged that several Banks, Financial Institutions, and Credit Operators are still accepting the Identity Card or Family Book or Resident Book in securing and release loan. This action is illegal under the Code of Civil and other regulation in force. Under Instruction No. T7.016.210 SJN, NBC has explained that the Identity Card or Family Book or Resident Book has no any economy value to be the collateral. Those documents are just the legal documents issuing by competent authority to identify a person and population statistic. NBC already warned that if any banks, financial institutions and credit operators fail to comply with laws and regulations in force, that institution shall be punished under the Law on Banking and Financial Institution.

Under the Instruction No. T7.017.420 SJN on May 22, 2017, NBC wants to instruct those Banking and Financial Institution to get more attention for complying with Instruction on March 11, 2016 and Law on Banking and Financial Institution effectively. In its letter mentioned that if any banks, financial institutions and credit operators fail to comply, they would face with penalties such as withdrawal the licenses or the Registration Permit or stop the business activity in accordance with Article 52 and Article 56 of Law on Banking and Financial Institution.

It comes to a big surprise for financial analysts and all microfinance institution (MIFs) themselves after National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) issued a Prakas to order all MFIs under its supervision impose no more than 18% interest rate to all kinds of loan from 1st April this year.

The Prakas is known as Prakas No. B7.017.109.P.K on Annual Interest Rate Ceiling Limitation issued on 13th March 2017. This Prakas aims to help reducing poverty by curbing any higher interest rates for Borrowers.

In Article 5 of the Prakas has specified that all New Loans including Restructured Loans and Refinancing which is signed from this 1st April 2017 shall apply the new rule of Annual Interest Rate Ceiling Limitation. The Prakas is expected to be complied otherwise shall be subjected to the penalties as stipulated in Article 52 of Law on Banking and Financial Institutions.