Litigation, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution

SRLAW team have extensive experience in representation and defense for in litigation proceedings before all levels of Cambodia courts, arbitration and other dispute resolution. With a wide variety of experience in practice, our professionals could serve as follow:

  • Represent, negotiate, and defend in civil, criminal and commercial litigations at all levels of courts
  • Advise on substantive and procedural laws concerning civil, criminal, commercial litigation, and other concerning family dispute, divorce, adoption, parental authority, child
  • Draft, review and submit civil, criminal, commercial, and other complaints
  • Apply for preservative reliefs/injunction
  • Apply for compulsory execution of judgments and rulings
  • Assist in evidence collection
  • Visit and advise clients in police custody
  • Provide legal translation of evidences or interpretation for foreign clients
  • Debt recovery, and enforcement of securities agreements
  • Wills and inheritance
  • Advise and assist in negotiation, conciliation, arbitration of commercial dispute and any other alternation dispute resolution
  • Apply for recognition and enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Award
  • Advise, represent, and defend in Labor matter either in court or Arbitration Council

Our practice team provide high quality of service of litigation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution in a widely spectrum from small local matter to complex disputes.

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